About Us

Kent Surgical Industries is an ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and GMP-certified manufacturer of surgical instruments and sterile processing products. We manufacture high-quality instruments and provide services for repair and refurbishment. We also pride ourselves on being the first company in the region to develop Surgical Instrument Management and Tracking solution for instruments in a healthcare facility.

About Us

Our Vision

We commit to improving the quality of life by delivering innovative and high-quality medical products that are manufactured sustainably.
About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep quality and innovation at the center of everything we do. We aim to expand globally to bring our products and services to the maximum number of patients.

Quality Assurance

Kent Surgical Instruments carry a lifetime guarantee from the
date of purchase on any fault found due to poor material. All
our products are uniquely barcoded with GS1 barcodes for
traceability. The laser mark meets FDA’s UDI requirement. The
marking is done by state-of-art laser machine by a process that
is validated

Kent Surgical has a dedicated high-tech Quality Check laboratory with calibrated equipment such as X - RF analyzer, Rockwell, Microscope, Autoclave, etc., to confirm the quality parameters.


We conduct strict quality checks on incoming raw materials, in-process quality control, and before the product's final release.

The instruments are laser marked with GS1 Datamatrix barcode for identification and traceability. After marking, the instruments undergo passivation treatment for corrosion resistance.

We use validated cleaning, electropolishing and passivation procedures to ensure that instruments are manufactured with perfect surface finish and passivated layer to offer corrosion resistance.

Production Capabilities

Kent Surgical Industries has validated instrument manufacturing capabilities. We undergo a few key processes: Surface Finishing, Passivation, Laser Marking, Electropolishing, Grinding, and Welding.

All the processes are validated, documented, and in line with various international standards, such as ISO 7151, ISO 6508, ISO 7741, and ASTM A967, to name a few.