Surgical instruments comprise a significant proportion of your medical facilities' total assets. The refurbishment program brings back the life that is much needed for your surgical instruments. If instruments are refurbished or repaired on time, it helps to reduce the cost of buying new instruments and can save the hospital up to 80% of the costs. It reduces the downtime of the OR and minimize the burden on CSSD and OR staff.

Kent Surgical understands the value of this investment. As a manufacturer of surgical instruments, we have the knowledge, expertise, and craftsmanship to maintain your surgical instrument with the same strict quality standards and components as those used original instrument manufacturing. Kent Surgical is an ISO 13485 certified facility in the UAE for surgical instrument manufacturing and repair.

We provide services for the refurbishment and repair of surgical Instruments, and restore the life of your instruments just as if they were “new”. Kent Surgical offers you an option to repair or refurbish your instruments in as fast as 48 hours* (except for TC Instrument or complex repairs), so your operation theatre does not stop.

Kent Surgical offers you a 6-months warranty as standard on all instrument repairs. We can laser mark or color code medical instruments as per your requirements. Our customers can enter into Annual Maintenance Contract to save up significant refurbishment costs and make sure that their instruments are always up and running as intended.